Le bois de paiolive

Geological and fairy, the Païolive wood is one of the strangest sights of Ardèche.

Ancient forest made up of Oaks to the exceptional heritage of naturalness and biodiversity, wood is a natural labyrinth overlooking the Chassezac. Located in the communes of les Vans, Banne and Berrias-Casteljau, is, from the night of strange “inhabited” times and inimitable sculptures of blocks of limestone shredded and challenged by erosion seemingly have been shaped by nature bedknobs and broomsticks haunting it. Captivating and enigmatic, should its nickname of the “fados”, the wood of the fairies wood where imagination is please to interpret this mineral chaos to infinity.
A ride is needed to enter this world of mysteries. Our guest house is only 15 minutes from this beautiful site. There are 3 ballads to make and we will pay you the small guide of circuits.

le bois de Paiolive près des Vans

Païolive forest, near les Vans

le bois de paiolive en ardeche sud

It is a mysterious forest

l'Hermitagen st Eugène bois de paiolive

L’Hermitage st Eugène Bois de Paiolive

les rochers de paiolive

The rocks in the shape of animals