the flora and fauna of Ardèche to the mas of the tracol

Our bed and breakfast, like many places in Ardèche, is rich very unspoilt flora and fauna. No intensive cultures in the surrounding area and a forest road for access to our rooms is a further guarantee of tranquillity and nature.
There is no chemical treatments to the Mas and we let lots of wasteland or partially maintained to promote biodiversity. We have so many butterflies, so precious pollenisateurs insects, birds, plants very various and animals such as hedgehogs, deer, badgers, foxes, wild boars which are nearby. You will certainly encounter at nightfall… we are fortunate to have a couple of salamanders, protected species, and we see them when it rains.
You can observe the Mas du Tracol moults of cicadas hanging from the leaves… Beavers are present at 3 km, on the banks of the Chassezac. Also protected species, the bonelli’s Eagle nests in the gorges of Ardèche… exits with animal guides are organised throughout the summer.

nature ardeche

Nature is preserved

une mante religieuse au Mas du Tracol ou la biodiversité est préservée

Look for the Praying Mantis…

arbre de judée au Mas du tracol

Tree of Judea before the mas

sauge et romarin

Sage and Rosemary

salamandre ardeche

The salamander to le Mas, protected species








Wild boar


renard ardèche

Small Fox


castor sur rives du Chassezac près du Mas

Beaver on Chassezac river near home

papillon ardeche

papillon ardèche

Butterflies believed missing


mésange à tête bleue

Blue chickadee


libellule près de l'ilôt Zen

Dragonfly near our pool


cigale sortant de sa mue

Outgoing its moulting cicada





aigle de bonelli gorges de l'Ardèche

The Eagle of Bonelli in the Gorges of the Ardèche