The Batistou circuit near our bed and breakfast

Here are our favorite for a stroll not far from us: “the Batistou virade” in Gravieres village. 6 km circuit, about 2 quiet hours or you can pic fuck. Along the route of this Ardèche small born in 1900, you put your footsteps the footsteps of the last peasant generations.
Most often you will walk along paths bordered by walls, almost always jagged and you‘ll see mas, hamlets, with buildings dating back to the 16th century. While en route, you will discover the day of the little boy ” Batistou ” and its meetings.
We will pay you the booklet which was directed by the inhabitants of the commune of Gravières .


le livret de la ballade

The Ballad of the Batistou booklet

livret du batistou le livret de la ballade

le village de Gravières

The village of Gravières

l'église de Gravieres

The church of Gravieres

pendant la ballade, vieux lavoir

Old wash-House during the ballad