le solaire pour l'eau chaude au Mas

Solar for hot water

se font bronzer dans notre séchoir solaire....

The Solar dryer

nos productrices d'oeufs frais...

Our producers of fresh eggs

les oeufs de nos poules

eggs from our hensE

nos plantes et fleurs

Our plants and flowers

nature ardeche

A bumblebee on the flower of the cogniasser

 bed and breakfast green for responsible tourism in south of france, Ardeche

Share its location in area protected and classified, the Mas du Tracol has naturally opted for an ecological and responsible lifestyle. This commitment has won us the European label ecological “green key” 2014 and to be included in the guide du routard of responsible tourism.
For us, for our guests and for the generations to come, we constantly implement DSS in order to minimize the impact of tourism on the environment to better.
* We have installed water savers (sinks, showers, wc) to not exhaust this valuable resource. Thank you to be responsible and to limit your consumption to necessary.
* We clean your sheets and towels if you ask us.
* We are gradually replacing the light bulbs with economic.
* We offer breakfasts and packed lunches from regional products from local producers, of the market and we use herbs and flowers from the garden not processed. Bread, jams and yoghurt are home made.
∗In your rooms, no air conditioning (except the caravan) because the stones preserve a natural coolness in summer. For packagings we replaced by creams washing soap.
∗Our green spaces receive neither pesticides nor products chemical and are sprayed with water source or rain that we recover. We leave natural fallow spaces, which allows biodiversity to settle. Do not think that the vicinity of the House are not maintained, we leave this wasteland in order to feed the birds, insects and butterflies. Therefore the Mas, no  grass but free vegetation
* We have set up a sorting for glass, paper and plastics. You can find these bags in the summer kitchen. If you have stale bread or remnants of salads, give us, our hens are well aware to recycle them and for fruit and vegetable peelings, our earthworm give a very good compost in the worm (can show you if you are interested)
* We use wherever possible of the environmentally friendly products for the maintenance of the House and rooms (toilet, laundry, dishes, floors, toilet paper, etc…)
* hot water and heating are partly solar.
* the evacuations will in the septic tank, thanks to not throw in the wc toilet paper.