Located in a limestone plateau crossed by the meanders of the Ardèche River, the cave contains the oldest paintings known to date (the aurignacian period: between 30 000 and 32 000 BC). This exceptional cave that testifies of prehistoric art was closed by a landslide about 20 000 years ago, and it remained sealed until its rediscovery in 1994, which allowed to keep an outstanding contribution. More than 1 000 paintings, with anthropomorphic or animal motifs, have been inventoried on its walls. Their outstanding aesthetic quality reflects a wide range of techniques, including the mastery of stump, the combination painting-engraving, anatomical precision, three-dimensional representation and the movement. Include representations of species dangerous, difficult to observe for males of the era (mammoths, bears, lions caves, rhinoceros, bison, aurochs), more 4 000 remains of the Paleolithic fauna and various footprints human steps.


The creation of Cave Chauvet 2 is a cultural, scientific and technological project unique in its design as in its size (3000 ground and 8180 of geological facies soil + walls and ceilings). All of the paintings and engravings but also the geological and archaeological elements (bones, fireplaces, fingerprints…) major cavity candidate for inclusion in the world heritage of Unesco shall be returned to the scale 1. The ambition and the challenge is to achieve a real cave where one will find all the features of the underground environment: freshness, humidity, darkness...visit the cave       BE CAREFUL, visits are only on booking on the internet site

We had the chance to visit first. No pictures of the inside of the recovery which is fabulous and it is moved by the left traces there is 36 000 years ago by our ancestors…Here is an overview of the site and other rooms very interesting to visit. 

Guests can spend the day with a picnic. There is also a panoramic restaurant on the site.
la grotte ornée du pont d'arc ardèche sud

The decorated cave Chauvet 2 Ardèche

l'Aven d'Orgnac, grotte en Ardèche sud

l’Aven d’Orgnac, 

salle des aurignaciens

Room des aurignaciens

salle des aurignaciens pont d'arc

Room des aurignaciens  Grotte Chauvet 2

salle des aurignaciens reconstitution chauvet

Room aurignaciens  Chauvet Cave 2

salle des aurignaciens grotte pont d'arc

Room aurignaciens Cave Pont d’Arc Ardèche

salle aurignaciens grotte ornée pont d'arc

Room aurignaciens cave Chauvet 2

salle des aurignaciens grotte ornée pont d'arc ardèche

Room aurignaciens Grotte ornée Grotte Chauvet 2

salle des aurignaciens,caverne du pont d'arc

Room aurignaciens,Caverne du Pont d’Arc